PTI elections drew a line between believers of true democracy, monarchy: Imran

 ISLAMABAD, (SANA): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday congratulated the party workers on the completion of first phase of the intra-party elections in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab Provinces, stating that the intra-party election had drawn a line between the believers of true democratic order and autocracy.

“This is not a normal achievement. This is a great achievement as despite all odds, the PTI has ushered in true democracy. The PTI workers have proved the difference between people with autocratic mindsets pretending to be democrats and the true democrats who take practical steps to bring in democratic order within their own party. The credit goes to you all,” said Imran Khan while talking to delegations of the party who called on him here.

Imran Khan on the occasion also expressed his concerns over the fact that the election commission of Pakistan (ECP) had accepted “dummy elections” held by some political parties as no elections were held by those parties and mere nominations had been made.

“There was no election and all nominations were made in closed-doors by a handful of people. These were not elections and rather were selection and nominations. Such elections are actually a part of the rotten political culture which has taken Pakistan on the verge of a collapse,” he said and added that the whole world laughs off when such politicians who don’t hold party elections actually talks about democracy.

The PTI chief said that party elections were mandatory for any political party talking about democratic order and said that those holding dummy party elections were actually followers of Pharaoh.

“Those not holding elections and making nominations in their parties actually are like monarchs who believe in dictatorship and autocracy. They are worse than dictators,” he said, adding that the PTI would keep striving to uproot the corrupt and rotten culture of monarchy within political parties.

“PTI workers are actually torchbearers of democracy,” he said.
On the occasion, Imran Khan also directed the party workers to shun differences and move forward. “We would have to move forward leaving behind petty differences. In a contest, one has to lose while somebody wins. We would have to believe in sportsmanship which is spirit of the democracy,” he concluded.

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